Project: Wildcat Exploration Project

Client: Millennial NV, LLC

Location: Nevada

Wildcat Exploration Project – Millennial NV, LLC

Project Background 

Wildcat is an exploration project located approximately 30 miles north of Lovelock, Nevada in Pershing County. Intermittent exploration and drilling has been ongoing since the 1980’s. Millennial NV, LLC acquired the project in 2021 and contracted with Sunstone to provide environmental support. Since then, we have aided with Notice of Intent submittals, baseline work, drilling/reclamation inspections, and are currently drafting an Exploration Plan of Operations. 

Major Projects 

ExPO and Baseline 

Millennial contracted with us to advance their Wildcat project to a large-scale exploration project so they can develop the resource and collect baseline data for future mine-level permitting. Sunstone has coordinated with federal agencies and provided a conceptual plan of operations to initiate the project. We are drafting the Plan of Operations and mapping the future drill program hole locations and roads.  

Notice of Intents and Drilling 

Sunstone submitted multiple revisions of the Wildcat Notice as well as additional new notices to ensure Millennial could complete their drill program as needed. We were able to quickly turn around revisions and map edits to ensure a timely start to the program. Millennial was able to begin drilling the Wildcat Project in early 2022. We met with the BLM during on-site inspections and handled all of their questions and requests. To ensure compliance with BLM, we provided a training and field handbook for drillers prior to program kick-off with the necessary environmental protection measures. Sunstone submitted well waivers and occupancy forms through the NDWR to ensure water availability for their program. We provided periodic compliance inspections at each drill pad, making sure drillers were following the environmental protection measures and if not, providing mitigation advice.  

Project Manager: Joseph Martini – President / Principal Consultant 

Joseph Martini

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