Project: Ruby Hill Mine

Client: Ruby Hill Mining Company, LLC Nevada

Location: Nevada

Ruby Hill Mine – Ruby Hill Mining Company, LLC Nevada

Ruby Hill Mine – Ruby Hill Mining Company, LLC Nevada

Project Background 

Ruby Hill is an open-pit gold mine located 3 miles northwest of Eureka, Nevada in Eureka County. The site consists of an open pit, a processing facility, waste rock dumps, and ancillary facilities. Ruby Hill Mining Company purchased the Mine in 2015 and since 2016, Sunstone has provided environmental support during the care and maintenance phase. In 2020, the decision was made to restart mining operations. 

Major Projects 


We began with formulating a cost model utilizing ——  to determine if the restart was warranted. Once Ruby Hill Mining Company decided to proceed, Sunstone was responsible for submitting agency notification letters and permit modifications to fit operations. During the ramp up, we worked closely with mine staff to abide by all permit stipulations. The restart of mining operations was able to begin in just — months. Sunstone also provided environmental training to Ruby Hill staff including sampling and data collection, obligation tracking, and report drafting. 

Injection Wells 

The Ruby Hill Heap leach pad began showing minimal gold return during the summer of 2019. To increase the gold return rates, Sunstone developed a plan to install injection wells at various locations along the pad. We worked with a drilling company to install injection wells in strategic locations on the pad and closely monitored the return rates from the processing facility. After just a few months, gold return rates increased the wells continued to operate at full capacity.  

Other Projects 

Permit Renewals 

Sunstone developed Water Pollution Control Permit renewals for both the Mine and Rapid Infiltration Basin permits. We revitalized the outdated format, streamlined the language and updated analytical information to provide a quality document to the BMRR. Our in-house GIS professional drew updated maps including general location, monitoring locations, and groundwater flow to satisfy the permit requirements. We also renewed the Class III landfill permit and provided training to staff regarding types of waste allowed in the landfill.  

Project Manager: Eric Dougherty, PMP – Vice President / Senior Consultant

Eric Dougherty

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