Civil Engineering plan set

Civil Engineering

Unlock the potential of your land development projects with Sunstone’s comprehensive civil engineering services. Operating out of Reno, Nevada, our skilled team of licensed professionals and project managers bring extensive experience to projects spanning multiple jurisdictions in Northern Nevada. From civil site layouts and utility design to grading and drainage plans, we provide robust support for residential and commercial improvements. Rely on our expertise for precise construction-level plan sets, complemented by essential supporting documents and reports. Contact Sunstone today for engineering solutions that drive success.

Site Analysis & Feasibility Studies

Conduct thorough site assessments and feasibility studies to evaluate the suitability of a piece of land for development. This involves analyzing topography, environmental factors, drainage patterns, and zoning regulations.

Collaboration & Communication

Collaborating with clients, architects, government officials, and other stakeholders to ensure project objectives are met. We also work with a network of specialized consultants, such as geotechnical engineers, environmental scientists, land surveyors, and structural engineers to gather necessary data and ensure comprehensive project design and implementation.

Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

Navigating through the necessary permits and approvals required for land development projects. This involves working closely with regulatory agencies, reviewing and ensuring compliance with local building codes, zoning ordinances, and environmental regulations.

Project Management

Overseeing the execution of land development projects, including coordinating with architects, surveyors, contractors, and other professionals involved in the project. This involves managing timelines, budgets, and resources to ensure successful project completion.

Design & Planning

Developing design plans and site layouts for land development projects. This includes designing residential design plans, roads, parking lots, utilities, stormwater management systems, and other infrastructure elements necessary for the project.

Utility Systems Design

Designing utility systems such as water supply, sanitary sewer disposal, and drainage systems. This involves analyzing water demand, determining pipe sizing and layouts, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. We work closely with reviewers at surrounding government agencies as well as utility companies such as TMWA.

Grading, Drainage,
& Earthwork

Determining the appropriate grading and earthwork required to prepare the land for construction. This includes analyzing existing site conditions, balancing cut and fill operations, and ensuring proper drainage patterns and erosion control.

Stormwater Management

Designing and implementing stormwater management systems to control runoff and prevent flooding. This includes designing retention ponds, storm drains, and erosion control measures.

Documentation & Reporting

Preparing reports, drawings, specifications, and other project documentation as required. This includes maintaining accurate records of project progress, design changes, and correspondence with stakeholders.

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